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ArtisanEffect Owners About Us- Oded and Ilan

We, Oded Dekel and Ilan Doktor, are the owners of Artisaneffect and AtisanFeel partners and friends for almost 36 years now.

Our first encounter was at the age of 14. We both learned in the arts high school where we studied sculpture, ceramics, drawing and design and were fascinated by the world of art. We sat at the same school table and almost instantly became Soul mates.

At the age of 21 we packed our bags and traveled together throughout Europe. We started in colorful Amsterdam, where we used to sell paintings in the streets. Passengers who saw our drawings were touched and bought them. After a while we moved to Spain, where in a majestic valley we built a ceramics studio in nature. We built the primitive stoves from wood and from an old washing machine. Our first jewels were created from local stones we found in nature. We loved it! Since then, we started selling our jewelry to art galleries all over Europe and the USA.

Today, we spend most of our time at our studio in Pardes Hannah creating handmade jewelry using traditional methods and enjoying every minute of it. We dedicate ourselves to our creativity and skills. We have developed techniques that resonate powerfully through our traditional and contemporary jewelry designs, with the craftsmanship and detail of old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures, creating a distinct look for each piece of jewelry.

By working using variety of skills and materials (sterling silver, gold and gemstones) we create an unconventional mixture of traditional, contemporary and ethnic designs. The use of intricate filigree work in our designs demonstrates the impact of different cultures of our work.


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Artisan Jewelry Ltd

95 HaDkalim St.

Pardes-Hannah 3702191


Tel: 972-4629-2536